FAQ – Typical questions about wedding photography


Questions about wedding photography?

This is probably the most important day of your life so far. You need to get it right!

Choosing a wedding photographer’s an important decision, so I’ve put together this FAQ about wedding photography to answer some of your questions.


Things you need to know about wedding photography

Here’s the most important thing you need to know about wedding pictures …… book the best photographer you can afford as soon as you set the date. The wedding music will fade, the flowers will die, and you won’t even remember if you ate, let alone what you ate, at the reception. But the wedding pictures will last forever” …. Leslie Milk – Lifestyle Editor of The Washingtonian.


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Frequently asked questions about wedding photography

We’re new to the process of planning a wedding, so what styles of wedding photography are there?

When you start down the road of planning a wedding it can be really confusing – there are so many different options to choose from. It’s really important that you find the right photographer, so here’s my guide to the Different Styles of Wedding Photography.

Are there any other costs for the Wedding coverage?

You can find details of the various options for your wedding photography on my pricing page. There’s a delivery charge for any completed albums not collected, although I do encourage their collection if at all possible. Upgrades to the albums are possible, including lavish coffee-table style bound books – perhaps this could be an idea for your wedding gift list.

Do you travel?

Oh yes! For weddings outside of a 40-mile radius of Bournemouth there may be travel charges, and in some cases overnight accommodation may be necessary – but most weddings in Dorset and Hampshire won’t require overnight accommodation. For weddings overseas, the client’s responsible for organising and ensuring payment for flights, accommodation, meals and travel expenses whilst abroad.

Do you shoot Winter Weddings?

Yes, I shoot all year around – Winter weddings are more challenging because of the shorter days, but I enjoy them as much as those warm, sunny days of summer! Dorset wedding venues can be really cosy for winter weddings, and as a wedding photographer I can advise you with regard to timings for your ceremony and reception.

Do we need to meet before booking?

I absolutely encourage it! Wherever possible I like to meet with my clients at the time of booking – this gives you the chance to put a face to the name, and it starts the process of making our relationship much more than that of photographer and client. Because a lot of my couples getting married on Bournemouth beach live away from the area it’s not always possible to meet up when the booking’s made, but we can use Skype conferencing to chat about their requirements and we’ll usually meet up a couple of months before the wedding when they come down to Dorset to finalise the arrangements with the other wedding suppliers. I’ve even Skyped with couples in the Far East as we talk through plans for their wedding day.

You might want to consider a wedding pre-shoot – we’ll meet up, have a coffee, talk about the plans for your special day and shoot some fabulous, relaxed photographs. By doing this, our relationship is strengthened, so that by the time your wedding day comes along you’re comfortable with having me around and you have one less thing to worry about – this also shows in the photographs as you’ll be more relaxed and at ease. We can also talk about the types of images that you’d like taken and discuss the options for wedding albums if that’s something you’re interested in.

A few days before the wedding I’ll get in touch with you again to make sure everything’s OK, and if possible, attend the rehearsal (if you have one) so that I can meet the person officiating at your ceremony.

Can you photograph the wedding ceremony?

This is my favourite part – it’s the essence of your wedding day. It’s when the emotions are really on display! Whether I can photograph during your ceremony depends on the permission of those officiating at the event, and this varies widely. When discussing this subject with the Registrar/Vicar/Priest etc. I would emphasise to them that my photography is very discreet with NO flash during the wedding ceremony itself. Most officiants are happy for photography during the ceremony providing it’s kept discreet, but it’s something that you need to check with them whilst talking through the arrangements for the day.

Can we have images in Black & White as well as Colour?

Yes. With digital, images are captured in colour and can be converted to Black & White. Some couples are so taken by these monochrome images that they have had their entire albums produced in this timeless format.

Do we choose which images go into our wedding album?

Yes. From the images taken during the day I’ll edit out shots where people are blinking, duplicates etc. but also edit shots so that they best illustrate the story of the day. There’s virtually no limit to the number of shots that can be taken during the day – with digital capture I can concentrate fully upon capturing your day in its entirety (but you won’t be bombarded with thousands of images to wade through!). When you’ve chosen your wedding photographs I’ll design your album & put together draft pages for your approval, and I may include extra images that set the scene and perhaps include details of the bouquet, or table settings at your reception. It’s then your choice as to whether these are included in the final album.Once you’ve approved the album pages we can set about producing the wedding album in whichever format you’ve chosen, and this process typically takes about 4-5 weeks.

We have some more questions …

Please feel free to contact me either by phone, by email or via the contact form on this site if you have any other questions about wedding photography, or indeed weddings in general – with over 20 years experience of wedding photography I can often help with general questions on what is the most important day of your life. We can meet up or have a chat on the phone for a no-obligation discussion about your wedding and your requirements – with absolutely no pressure on you to commit and definitely no sales techniques!

We’d like to book you for our Wedding, what do we do next?

Click on the button below to check my availability for the date of your wedding – if the date is still free I’ll send you a booking form and information sheet to complete. A non-refundable booking fee of just £300 sent by cheque/bank transfer with the completed form secures the date – this is then deducted from the total price, with the balance due one month prior to the wedding day. We can then arrange a meeting so that we can discuss your day and any specific requirements that you might have.

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