Winter walk along Bournemouth beach

Before the next batch of ugly weather descends on us (and keeping up our Christmas tradition of going for a walk every day …. in a vain attempt to ward off the effects of the mince pies!) it was back down to the sands today for a Winter walk along Bournemouth beach.

Once again I took along my little Fuji X100, leaving the  Nikons at home … I just love the way this cute camera with a fixed lens lets me capture elements from the day. So much nicer than dragging along a huge camera bag/lenses! 🙂


Reflections – copyright ianH photography

“Reflections” – there wasn’t much of a swell in Poole Bay (much to the annoyance of the surfers at Bournemouth and Boscombe Piers) but the waves were breaking at the end of the groynes. Now there’s a saying that you shouldn’t shoot into the sun because of the impact on the image, but the Fuji handles it well and although the highlights are slightly blown I like the feel of this shot.


Faded dreams – copyright ianH photography

“Faded Dreams” – this ice cream shop’s seen better days …. the metal shutters are rusting, the windows are boarded up and the paintwork’s peeling. Yet the sign proudly proclaims “the taste of Summer” …. a real contradiction.


Supporting role – copyright ianH photography

“Supporting role” – this modern bench, with it’s curved, stainless steel frame contrasts against the robust, functional railings (from the 60’s or 70’s I’m guessing). The recent storms threw up tons of sand onto the promenade and the brilliant beach crew have been working hard to clear it away.


Beach defender – copyright ianH photography

“Beach defender” – the groynes may not be the most attractive part of Bournemouth beach, but they’re an essential part of stabilising the beach and minimising erosion. I love using “leading lines” in my images, and the uprights combined with the curve give this image a great feel which is perfect for black and white.

I’m really enjoying the break from shooting commercially – it gives me a chance to recharge my batteries and to enjoy my photography without the pressure of having to deliver. Who knows, I may even make a New Year’s resoluion to shoot more stuff for myself! 🙂

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