Why you need wedding insurance

If you’re a regular reader of my wedding Blog, you’ll know that this isn’t just about showcasing my wedding photography.

I truly believe that with my years of experience of photographing weddings across the country I can provide some guidance to couples as they plan their wedding day.

Information which can help you make decisions and possibly highlight some issues you might not have thought of.

After all, I’ve been to a lot more weddings than you have! 🙂

Today we’re looking at wedding insurance.

Oh no, I can hear you say, not more money to shell out?

Well, bear with me and then you can make up your own mind.

Why you need wedding insurance

Not everything will go to plan on your wedding day! © ianH photography

Why you need wedding insurance

When planning your wedding you spend a HUGE amount of time (and money!) choosing your suppliers.

The suppliers who’ll provide you with the various physical elements of your wedding day. The venue. The dress. The flowers. The shoes. The caterers. The photographer. The transport. The entertainment. The list goes on ……

You spend endless hours researching, surfing the web, looking at Pinterest for inspiration, visiting suppliers and making your decisions.

Eventually you have everything sorted and it’s all in place. The countdown to the wedding day continues and the excitement builds.

You put a lot of trust in your suppliers. A wedding’s not something that you can easily hold again if there’s a problem. Well, you could do it again, but it would be a HUGE undertaking! You trust your suppliers to be there for you and to deliver what they’ve promised and what you’ve paid for.

But, what happens if they don’t deliver? What happens if one of those wedding businesses folds before your wedding day?

It’s not a situation that you want to contemplate, but you have to. You have to plan for the worst. I know – it’s the biggest day of your life. You don’t want to think the unthinkable. But you have to – just in case.

When choosing your wedding suppliers you should ask whether they have any professional indemnity insurance. Your photographer (if they’re professional) should have this. Your venue should. If you’re choosing a smaller supplier, perhaps a florist or a cakemaker, possibly not full-time, it’s highly unlikely they won’t have any insurance.

Why should you spend money on wedding insurance?

Because we know that we can never guarantee that everything in life will go to plan. I know it sounds morbid, but none of us can guarantee that we’re going to be here tomorrow!

That’s why you need to think about having something in place to help ease the financial burden should one of your suppliers have issues.

Only this week a story’s broken about a wedding venue in Hampshire who’ve encountered problems with getting their licence renewed. As a result they’ve made the decision to close down, putting dozens of couples whose weddings were scheduled for 2016 into a spin. It’s highly unlikely that they’ll be able to find a similar wedding venue at short notice for this year. Indeed, most venues are already filling their books for 2017. Those couples now face having to postpone their weddings for possibly a couple of years. Fortunately for them, they should get their money back from the venue, but if it had gone bust that money would be gone. They’d have spent thousands and lost it all. THIS IS WHY YOU NEED WEDDING INSURANCE.

It’s a couple’s worst nightmare, one of their suppliers going under. But, in today’s competitive market it’s becoming more challenging for businesses to survive.

There’s another element to this as well – you.

When talking to couples about their day I often get asked what happens if you’re ill on our wedding day?. It’s a perfectly valid question.

The answer is that I’ll try to source another photographer for them, but to be honest, in peak wedding season, most photographers would already be booked up, so would be unable to cover for me. I’d repay the couple all of their money as per the terms of the contract but there’s no way I could guarantee to find them a photographer for their day.

I then ask the same of them – what happens if one of you is ill on your wedding day?. As I said before, none of us knows whether we’ll be here tomorrow, let alone a year ahead.

Should the unthinkable happen then you’ll have paid a small fortune for a day that can’t go ahead.

Suppliers who can only cover one wedding a day, like the venue, caterers, photographer, DJ, would have turned away business for that day and would be unable to take another booking for that date at short notice.

Some, like the photographer, may be willing to reschedule your wedding (providing they’re available on your revised date), but some won’t, which means they probably won’t refund you.

You’ve lost that money. Not through the fault of anyone, but because of sickness or accident.

How can wedding insurance help?

Typically, wedding insurance will cover such things as:

  1. Having to cancel or postpone your wedding because one of you, or close family, becomes ill

  2. Rearranging the wedding

  3. Compensation if suppliers fail to deliver

  4. Bad weather preventing you or more than 50% of your guests getting to the venue

However, just as with any other form of insurance, not all policies are created equal so it makes sense to check the fine print!

A couple of years ago, the BBC reported that the Financial Ombudsman Service warned engaged couples to make sure that they give enough time and thought to their wedding insurance.

Cover for £ 25,000 typically costs around £130, but the financial research company Defaqto said that only 23% of policies would reimburse the full costs if you have to cancel a wedding, and that just 18% would pay out if any of the suppliers fail to deliver!

There are lots of insurers offering competitive rates on wedding insurance, so for the sake of say, £150, would you rather be safe or sorry?


This article wasn’t written to scare you or force you into spending money. I’m not on a retainer from insurance companies.

The aim of this was to highlight why you should seriously think about taking out wedding insurance. It’s not expensive. Indeed, when you take it as a percentage of your overall wedding budget you won’t even notice it.

But, it will give you some peace of mind should the unthinkable happen.

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Blog post: Why you need wedding insurance


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