Why are wedding flowers so expensive?

There’s no getting away from the fact that weddings are (generally speaking) costly events. Just ask any couple, or their parents! 🙂 There’s the venue, the food and drink, the dress, the photography, the rings, the wedding flowers … the list goes on. Many of the elements that go to make up your wedding day are provided by professionals. People who work full-time in the wedding industry, who have years’ of experience behind them. People who can be trusted. Trusted to deliver on your day.

Some people believe that wedding vendors increase the price when “wedding” is added to a service. I hope that’s not true – it’s certainly not true with regards to wedding photography. But it come down to quality. Quality costs. Not just because of the products that are used, but the skill that goes into making sure that you get the very best on your wedding day.

I can hear it now …. “Hang on. You’re a wedding photographer. Why are you writing about wedding flowers?“.

Good question. It’s because I believe that sometimes people need to be educated about weddings. After all, for most it’s their first time at planning a wedding and it’s really confusing. A real minefield to be precise. So many search results when you look for “wedding xxx (insert wedding service) in Dorset“.

Where do you start?

Why do prices vary so much?

Well, I’ve been around weddings for more years than I’d care to admit, so I’d like to think that I can provide a little help and guidance along the way! 🙂

So, why are wedding flowers so expensive?

Why are wedding flowers so expensive?

I recently saw a great article about the cost of wedding flowers. It’s from an American Blog, but the reasons the wedding florist gives are valid, irrespective of which country you’re in …..

A florist, like a photographer, is an artist. They spend years honing their skills. They listen to your ideas, look at your Pinterest boards and turn them into reality. Sure, you can find cheap flowers in your local supermarket, but these are heavily discounted and bought in bulk. Your florist orders from specialist growers and nurseries, making sure that you have the very best blooms for your bouquets and displays. Flowers are an important part of your wedding day, so doesn’t it pay to use a professional? Anyway, enough of me rambling on, you can read the full article here.

However, I’d like to put in a mention at this point. If you’re looking for wedding flowers in Hampshire or Dorset, then why not get in touch with Emma and her team at Arcade Flowers in Ringwood? I’ve worked with Emma on many weddings across the South and I’m very happy to include her as one of my trusted suppliers. If you’re interested in a bit of behind-the-scenes information, you can read an article that Emma wrote for me, as part of my “Meet the Expert” series – why not check it out? Meet The Expert – Arcade Flowers Ringwood.

Meet the Wedding Expert - Arcade Flowers

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Blog post: Why are wedding flowers so expensive?


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