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It’s less than a month away from Valentine’s Day, and an interesting article on the Lonely Planet site caught my eye …

Where is the most romantic spot to propose whilst on holiday?

Romantic wedding venue - wedding photography

I have to admit that I agree totally with their first choice – my favourite city in the world (OK, I’ve not been to all of them, but out of the ones I have visited!) …. Venice! I’ve been there several times, including during Carnevale in the Winter, and away from the hustle and bustle of St. Mark’s Square it’s an enchanting and truly unique place. No cars, beautiful buildings and a faded elegance – difficult to beat in my book, and really romantic.

Here are their top 3 choices:

  1. Venice

  2. Hawaii

  3. Tasmania

So, if you could afford to go anywhere in the world on holiday to propose (or be proposed to, of course) where would it be?

Why not let me know, and tell me why that particular place?



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