What to do now you’re engaged

Congratulations! The question’s been asked and the answer’s “yes”! The next really important question to consider is – “what to do now you’re engaged”?

It’s sometimes said that the most difficult question is that of the proposal. Well, to a degree it is. But now you’re engaged you’ll find that there are lots more questions to ask each other so that you get the perfect wedding day!

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Let your families know! Yes, it may seem obvious but it’s vital! Check out my recent Blog post on “who to tell you’re engaged” for advice on who to tell and in which order.

Get the ring sized. Unless someone’s been extremely organised it’s likely that the engagement ring won’t be exactly the right size. The last thing you want is to lose it, so curb your enthusiasm to show it to your friends and take it to a professional jeweller to have it re-sized.

The ring’s valuable, so make sure it’s insured! Most household insurance will cover jewellery so get in touch with your insurers to find out what they need to provide cover.

Set a date. It doesn’t have to be “the” date, but get an idea in your head as to the year and month you’d like to get married in. This will help you immensely as you start to plan the wedding and work out where you’d like to get married. Take a peek at my recent post on “how to choose your wedding venue“.

Start your research. A word of warning … you’ll be doing a LOT of research! Venues, dresses, styling, shoes, food, favours, photography, flowers, transport, entertainment …. oh boy, you’ll be busy! If you’re a Pinterest fan you can pin to your heart’s content. Read the wedding mags. Scour the wedding Blogs. Instead of keeping notes on scrappy bits of paper why not get a spiral bound noteboook that already has markers tabs in it, so you can create a section for each category you’re researching? Or a lever arch file. So much easier than thumbing through a pad or book trying to find that not you made about wedding bouquets! While you’re at it, check out my recent post on the Blog about “how to budget for wedding photography“?

Talk to each other! May seem obvious, but you both need to be involved in the wedding planning. OK, there are certain things where your other half’s not going to be involved (like the wedding dress), but for wedding days to be successful it needs both of you to be on board with the ideas. No worse recipe for a wedding day than one of you being upset about a choice that was made regarding the planning or the suppliers!

Think about whether you want a wedding planner to help you. Organising a wedding’s not easy and wedding planners can really help to ease that pain. They know what needs to be done. They have trusted suppliers that they can recommend. In a word, they can HELP! And that’s a word you might be crying out at some point during the planning process! If you’re uncertain about whether having a wedding planner involved, then check out my interview with Melanie Kiani of Bellissimo Weddings, in my opinion the top planner in the area.

Start saving. Oh yes, you’ll need to save. The latest figures I’ve seen indicate that the average UK wedding costs £23,000. Obviously it depends on the size and style of your wedding, but you’ll need to save. Have a separate account somewhere that you can tuck money away and don’t get tempted into dipping into it for Christmas presents!

Finally, and very importantly, have fun! It can be stressful. It can be aggravating. But planning your wedding can also be fun! Take time out to enjoy yourselves, don’t get bogged down all the time with planning. What’s the most important part of your wedding day? The two of you getting married, that’s what. Celebrating your love for each other. Everything else, in the end, doesn’t really matter (well, not in my opinion anyway but I’m sure others will disagree with me!). So make time for each other and build that relationship so it’s strong enough and tough enough to weather the storms that will, inevitably, hit you at some point in your lives together.

Looking for advice on wedding planning? Check out my page on Advice for Brides where you’ll find links to useful articles I’ve written about planning your wedding.

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Blog post: What to do now you’re engaged


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