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Hmnn, a busy day yesterday at a wedding fair and it meant that I didn’t get the chance to write my daily Blog, so now I’m faced with having to write 2 posts in one day! Plus, I’ve got admin to catch up on and reorganising the office – how to fit it all in? Which gave me an idea for the first post …..

How do you schedule your daily tasks?

It’s a thought process that we all go through, not matter what we do, in both our business and private lives – but when you’re running a small business you end up with lots of hats that you have to swap around, and it’s not always easy working out which one’s most important!

So, what’s YOUR thought process?

  1. do the ones that are most fun

  2. do the easiest

  3. do the most urgent

  4. or do whatever happens to be lying on top of the pile of papers on the desk?

There are certain jobs that we know we HAVE to do, but they’re a pain, or we don’t like doing them and there’s a temptation to leave them until we’ve “got more time” – but that time never comes, and the next thing you know those painful jobs have become urgent and you have to miss out on something nice you REALLY wanted to do because you’d left those jobs on the “To Do” list!

I “try” to be disciplined but I have to admit I’m not as focused as I should be at times, but here’s a suggestion (and it is just a suggestion – I’m not saying this is how I work!) ….

First, deal with any emergencies, although hopefully you shouldn’t have many of those!

Then, make a list of what needs to be done today (and while you’re at it, why not draw up a schedule for the week as well – including some “treats” …. those feel good things that brighten up the day!).

If you’ve not got much time available today,  try and get rid of at least one “painful” task, that’ll make you feel MUCH better! Then look at the small jobs, the “quick hits” and get rid of as many of those that you can – this will at least make the list look smaller and more manageable!

But if you’ve got a full day, an admin day, why not mix up easy and difficult tasks? Get rid of a couple of the biggies, and then a few simple tasks and then back to the biggies again.

And remember, take plenty of breaks, especially if you’re work involves you spending most of the time attached to a PC keyboard! I’m as guilty as the next person on this one, so I should listen to my own advice!

Why not let me know your secrets for managing your daily schedule?



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