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As a wedding and portrait photographer it’s really important for me to keep up-to-date with all of the changes in technology, but the trouble is that things are moving so quickly these days that the manufacturers are struggling to keep up with the pace and it’s almost the case that cameras are becoming outdated in less than 6 months! Not only that, but it’s all too easy to get drawn into thinking that you HAVE to get the latest, greatest camera, and that buying it will make ALL the difference to your shots …….. well, I’ve got news for you – it probably won’t!

Back in the days of film (and yes, it may surprise you to know that I am old enough to remember it!) an SLR would have a life of anything from 4-6 years before it was replaced. But these days people want more pixels, video, then HD video, stereo microphones, articulated LCDs and the list goes on!

The CES Show has just closed in Las Vegas and there were a host of new camera announcements – including the The Fujifilm X-Pro1. the latest in the line of mirrorless compact system cameras (or CSCs). These non-DSLR interchangeable-lens cameras offer high quality in a compact body, and you can expect these to gain popularity as the year progresses.

Fuji X-Pro1 digital camera Dorset wedding photographer

Nikon announced its new flagship, the D4 which goes head-to-head with the Canon 1DX and there were rumours about replacements for the Nikon D700 and the Canon 5D mk II this year. Sony brought our their A77 to rave reviews and they’ll probably bring out an even higher-spec’d model later!

Although smartphones have hit the traditional pocket camera market hard in terms of sales, there were lots of new models announced at CES. Samsung brought out a new model that even has built-in WiFi so that you can beam your images directly to the computer or the TV screen without having to remove the SD card!

So, and here’s the BIG question that I hinted at earlier – do all of these changes make us BETTER photographers? My personal view is that most cameras these days are more than capable of producing excellent pictures in the right hands – and I stress, “in the right hands”. A monkey can take a picture if you give it a camera, but creating a picture and understanding how the various elements of light, timing, composition etc. come into play are something that can only be achieved with time and practice – unfortunately I feel that far too many people don’t take the time to understand the basics, and that’s a real shame. As I said, the latest camera won’t actually make you a BETTER photographer – that only comes with practice!!



Dorset wedding and portrait photographer

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