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A subject re-visited today (because it’s Friday and nearing the end of the 31 day Blogging Challenge!!) ….

A year or so ago one of my fellow professional photographers tweeted and asked the question “What is art“?

Not surprisingly, a number of my peers around the country responded, and I chipped in with “Art is whatever you want it to be” – so it rather caught me by surprise when people agreed!

The point is – everyone’s tastes are different, be it with regards to photography, painting or whatever. There are those who will say that “art” is classical in style, some will say it’s something that draws an emotion from deep within you, but I think it’s just whatever you like – there are no rights or wrongs. Forget the pretentious opinions about art, and just enjoy it!

There are also those who say that photography isn’t an art, it’s a mechanical (well, electronic now I suppose) capture of a moment in time. But the word “photography” is actually derived from an ancient Greek term meaning “painting with light”, and I have to dig my heels in and say that I truly believe that photography CAN be art – it isn’t always, believe me, but with the right techniques a superbly executed photograph can rival many a painting.

This photo I took of Chloe could be considered to be “artistic” by some, but I love it for what it is:

Beauty under the spotlight

Think I need to add that quote to my site and Blog – it’s quite good (even if I do say so myself!) 🙂



Dorset wedding and portrait photographer

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