Wedding ceremony rehearsal – Rowena and Nathan – Dorset wedding photographer

by Ian Hamilton

Last night I popped over to St. Ambrose Church in Westbourne to watch the rehearsal for Rowena and Nathan’s wedding …. wherever possible I always try to get along to the rehearsals because it gives me the chance to talk to the vicar/priest about any restrictions on photography and it also means that I get to meet the couple’s parents and the other key members of the bridal party before the day. It really helps to break down any barriers with the bridal party and over the years I found it to be invaluable.


Today I checked out the preparations for the wedding reception at a lovely venue on the edge of the New Forest and I know that whatever the weather holds for us, we’re going to have a terrific time tomorrow!

Wedding photography in Bournemouth and across Dorset by ianH photography

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