Unique Dorset wedding venue – Beach Weddings Bournemouth

In this occasional series I’ll be looking at some of my favourite wedding venues across Dorset and Hampshire (and beyond). Today we’re looking at a truly unique wedding venue (and one of my favourites) – Beach Weddings Bournemouth.

Beach Weddings Bournemouth
Unique Dorset wedding venue - Beach Weddings Bournemouth

Looking for a truly unique Dorset wedding venue – Beach Weddings Bournemouth

If you follow my work on this site and my Facebook page you’ll know that I’m delighted to be a recommended photographer for Beach Weddings Bournemouth. I’m proud to have been involved with the Beach Weddings Bournemouth team since its launch in 2011, when Melanie Kiani asked me to cover the Press launch. In the Spring of 2012 the public had their first chance to see a beach wedding when Kate and Frazer got married in front of the GMTV cameras for the Daybreak programme. In all my years of wedding photography I’ve never experienced a wedding quite like it. TV cameras, floor directors, lights, miles of cables and loads of technicians …. the list went on. But it was a resounding success and laid the basis for the thriving business that BWB is today!

Beach Weddings Bournemouth on GMTV Daybreak
TV camears at Beach Weddings Bournemouth
TV Bride arrives at Beach Weddings Bournemouth
GMTV Bride at Beach Weddings Bournemouth
First couple to marry on a UK beach
Press photograph first UK beach wedding
GMTV Daybreak UK beach wedding

You’ll get married under a driftwood arch in front of the wedding hut, with the waves lapping onto the shore just yards away. It’s the perfect soundtrack to accompany your special day and what could be better? To protect you from the weather you can have a marquee, with various sizes available depending on the size of your wedding party. One of my couples in the first year of beach weddings chose to marry without a marquee and had the absolutely perfect day – warmth, sunshine, a light breeze and champagne! It was also just the two of them – they didn’t tell anyone about the wedding … Melanie and I were witnesses!!

Driftwood Arch Beach Weddings Bournemouth
Couple marry under driftwood arch at Beach Weddings Bournemouth
Coule marry at Beach Weddings Bournemouth

After the ceremony it’s time to relax with family and friends with a drink reception, perhaps enjoying some delicious ice-cream. Chef Matthew and his team from Fish Face create stunning meals whilst admiring the view across Poole Bay to the Purbecks in the West and The Needles in the East.

Bride and Groom in aisle at Beach Weddings Bournemouth
Hindu wedding at Beach Weddings Bournemouth
Bridesmaids at Beach Weddings Bournemouth
Ice cream cart at Bournemouth beach wedding
Bridesmaids in the sea at Bournemouth beach wedding
Canapes at Bournemouth beach wedding
Salmon BBQ on Bournemouth beach
Desserts at a Bournemouth beach wedding
Laughing Bridal party at Beach Weddings Bournemouth

The marquee’s a blank canvas. You can decorate it in your own choice of colour scheme. Bold, subtle, vintage – whatever you choose. It’s so much better than trying to decorate a hotel’s dated ceremony room, with multi-coloured carpets and 1980’s wallpaper!

Unique Dorset wedding venue - Beach Weddings Bournemouth
Beah view from Beach Weddings Bournemouth
Bournemouth beach wedding marquee
Pink themend marquee for Bournemouth beach wedding
Dining at Beach Weddings Bournemouth
Rows of tables at beach wedding reception
Chinese Hat at Beach Weddings Bournemouth
Champagne reception at Bournemouth beach wedding

Take a walk along the beach, just the two of you. Alone with your thoughts. A chance to talk about your day.

Bride and Groom walk along Bournemouth beach
Moody sky for Bride and Groom on Bournemouth beach
Bride and Groom kissing at Beach Weddings Bournemouth
Bride and Groom layghing on Bournemouth beach
Kissing Bride and Groom at Beach Weddings Bournemouth
Bride with veil at Bournemouth beach wedding
Fun shot with Bride and Groom on Bournemouth beach

Is a beach wedding for you? Well, only you can decide that. However, in all the years I’ve been shooting beach weddings I’ve never had a couple who haven’t been absolutely delighted by the service provided by Melanie and her Beach Weddings Bournemouth team!

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Wedding photography with Beach Weddings Bournemouth

If you’re considering a wedding with Beach Weddings Bournemouth (or indeed, anywhere else in Dorset or Hampshire) then please get in touch to discuss your wedding photography requirements. As I mentioned in the Blog post above, I’m delighted to be a recommended photographer for a number of leading Dorset wedding venues and would love to hear about the plans for your special day. Get in touch with me now for a no-obligation chat.

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Proud to be a recommended photographer for a number of leading Dorset wedding venues. 

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Blog post: Unique Dorset wedding venue – Beach Weddings Bournemouth


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