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This 31-day challenge I’m taking part in to post to my Blog on a daily basis has, I must admit, become a lot harder as the month’s gone on! Initially you’re fired up with enthusiasm and lot of ideas, but as time goes on it becomes more of a struggle to find subjects that you think will be interesting to our readers and which allow you to be a bit creative. I’ve even taken to looking at news-sites like the BBC News or social media sites for inspiration, but that takes even more time!

Perhaps posting on a daily basis is something that’s best done if you’re doing a personal Blog (like Facebook updates on steriods!), or you’ve got the sort of business that’s driven by news items? Let’s be honest – most businesses don’t have something really interesting to say about themselves every day, do they? As a photographer I get to work with some lovely people, but sometimes they don’t want their images shown, and I’m not shooting every day of the year!

I’ve tried to keep a balance between talking about photography and subjects which might appeal to a wider audience, so how about this one?

Top 10 tips for writing great Blog posts!

Top 10 tips for writing great blog posts - Dorset photographer

Now, I’m obviously professing to be an expert in this matter (that’s a massive under-statement!), so I did some trawling around across a few of the social media sites and picked 10 that I thought might help others – so here we go …

1 – make sure you know how to format your Blog posts – understand your platform.

2 – have an eye-catching title. Seems obvious, but you want potential readers to be interested.

3 – put your posts in Categories, so that readers can look at relevant articles.

4 – be contentious! As long as you explain your stance you could generate some interesting conversations!

5 – remember to include a meta-description for the search engines (160 characters or less).

6 – check, double check and triple check it for grammar and spelling before you publish!

7 – remember to use header tags.

8 – use a relevant image or two – not only does it make the “read” easier, it helps with the search engines.

9 – use outbound hyperlinks.

10 – get your facts right before you publish!

Those are just a few tips on how to write great Blog posts, but it’s by no means a complete list – so …

Let me know YOUR tips for writing great Blog posts, and lets share them around!



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