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The swimmers

Updated: Jan 1

This morning we woke to a glorious sunny Winter's day, so decided to head for the beach for a walk and leave the decorating until tomorrow (or possibly the day after?).

We love this particular beach near Mudeford, and it's the perfect location for a spot of people watching, especially on a day like this. Families out for a walk, dog owners throwing balls for their pets and some hardy souls braving the water for a dip. Like this group of hardy ladies, who'd been out for a swim.

I really like this photo, as to me it sums up the British character - people determined to get on and enjoy what they do, regardless of the weather. I know that loads of people around the world enjoy cold water swimming, and some in temperatures WAY below those of our coast, but I can't help but admire those who choose to strip off and jump in the sea during the Winter! Me? I'd rather wait until the Summer, and preferably in water that's approaching the temperature of bath water!!

Fuji X-H1

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