The power of the photograph

The power of the photograph

Today we’re bombarded with videos from every angle, on websites, on the TV and of course … YouTube. In some cases it’s hard to believe that the humble photograph still has a place in “the news”. However, when you look at a photograph you have time to really examine it, absorb the details, and understand it. It’s a moment in time, a fraction of a second recorded for posterity. How different from watching a video.

I came across this link on the BBC website today, about a remarkable photographic project in Syria. It’s been going since 2012 and has the aim to train young photographers and filmakers aged 18-25 who are living in Syria, a country struggling in a Civil War that shows no sign of ending. Indeed, it seems to be escalating. This project aims to allow the young people to document their daily lives though their words and their outstanding images.

Some of the images are not for the faint-hearted, and remind me of the work of the respected war photographer Don McCullin, but they reflect the reality of what’s happening. That’s always been one of photography’s strengths – the ability to convey so much in just a fraction of a second.

You can read more about From Inside: A Diary of Syria on their website.



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