The Flower Girls – a special moment

The Flower Girls (aka very young Bridesmaids!) are an integral part of the wedding tradition – young and cute, they often upstage the adult Bridesmaids on the wedding day!

This image of the Flower Girls is taken from the coverage of Nikki and Duncan’s Hampshire wedding (in Brockenhurst). My second shooter Anna and I had spent most of the morning at Nikki’s parents’ house, covering the Bridal preparations. Documentary wedding photography is all about being a part of the day but remaining unobtrusive.

This image was taken just as the Bridal party was about to leave the house. I followed Nikki and her Mother downstairs, to be greeted by the Flower Girls.

It’s a truly candid moment, unstaged and completely natural. I love this photo – why? There are so many elements to it …. let me explain:

Nikki’s joy at seeing how beautiful the Flower Girls look; One of the girls looking at Nikki’s Mum (with an obvious sense of pride), the other looking at the camera (and she looked at the camera a lot that day!); The bags in the hallway, a sign of the organisation that’s been a part of the preparations; Finally, the open door ….. a door which, once Nikki has passed through, will never see her again as a single woman. She’ll always be a part of the family, but things will never be quite the same again.

Photographing weddings is a huge privilege, being close to people at very special, emotional (and vulnerable) moments.

The Flower Girls and the Bride as they prepare to leave the house

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Blog post: The Flower Girls – a special moment


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