The Challenge is over!

Well, that certainly seems more than 31 days where I’ve had to Blog as part of this Challenge!

I have to be honest and say that I’ve not found it easy! In the early days it seemed quite simple to find a subject and write about it, but as time progressed it became more and more difficult – not helped by the fact that the business was picking up as we moved away from the Christmas/New Year break …. so finding the time to write became a challenge in itself!

I’m not a natural writer – yes, I can pen business communications, but I’ll never be an author or journalist … that’s just not me! I tend to communicate with images, which is pretty handy in my line of work I guess! 🙂

Anyway, the Blogging Challenge has come to an end and I’ve absolutely refused to take part in a video blogging challenge – that’s just not me! However, I’ve set myself a challenge for February – to post an image a day (and perhaps a few words), so watch out! 🙂

Thanks to everyone who’ve commented on my posts, and well done to all of the participants – hopefully you’ve enjoyed it as well.



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