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The bench

Updated: Jan 1

Every time that we walk along this beach I get drawn to this particular bench. It's not as though it's the only bench along the promenade, but this one just seems to resonate with me. More often than not, it's occupied, and I just can't help myself - I take a photo. It doesn't matter whether I've got a camera, or just the phone. The people are always different, the weather conditions are different (especially so in Britain) and to me it never gets boring.

When looking at images of this bench (I'll post some more here over the next couple of weeks) it's tempting to imagine what people are saying, or thinking, as they watch the waves roll onto the beach. Perhaps, one day, I'll be brave enough to strike up conversations with these people, and possibly share something about them - now that would be a documentary project!

The photographer part of my brain, especially as a wedding photographer, is always on the look-out for a shot - so it's probably really annoying for my wife when we're out for a walk and I suddenly stop and frame a shot, or run over to get a better angle on an image that I can see potential in! Never marry a photographer!

I have a few ideas for long-term documentary photography projects that I'd like to explore and see if they're viable, so keep an eye out on this Blog for updates.

Thanks for visiting.

Documenting Britain: seaside

Avon Beach, December 2021

Shot on iPhone

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