Sopley Mill Summer Wedding of Hannah and Neil

The gorgeous Sopley Mill Summer Wedding of Hannah and Neil, full of fun and laughter!

As soon as I’d met Hannah and Neil for the first time, I knew theirs would be a really fun wedding! As we chatted over a coffee and got to know each other a little better, it was obvious that they were deeply in love. We chatted for ages about their plans for the day and about their chosen wedding venue – Sopley Mill. Hannah talked excitedly about the details, the ice cream van, the BBQ and of course, the all-important duck race! Neil, as most Grooms do, smiled (well, the ladies tend to do most of planning, don’t they?). I was delighted when they asked if I’d photograph their special day, knowing that this would be a fabulous day, irrespective of what the weather threw our way!

Sopley Mill is a beautiful 18th Century watermill, on the banks of the River Avon in Dorset. The Mill was restored in 2013 and is now the perfect location for your unique wedding. I’m delighted to be a recommended photographer for Sopley Mill and have shot several weddings there this season. If you’re looking for a Dorset wedding venue where you can have exclusive use of the property, I’d suggest that you check it out – but hurry, I know that it’s very popular with limited dates available for 2015.

Sopley Mill ready for a Summer Wedding

The wedding day dawned bright and sunny and with the windows down it was an enjoyable drive through the Avon Valley to get to the Mill. Anna was getting ready with her Mum and the Bridesmaids in the Avon Room, its low ceilings and wooden beams adding to the character. It really is a stunning wedding venue! I think it’s fair to say that there was a really relaxed atmosphere, with lots of laughter and just one or two bubbles flowing! 🙂

Ceremony room Sopley Mill Summer Wedding
Plastic ducks at Sopley Mill Summer Wedding
Sopley Mill Summer Wedding chalkboard
Vintage bunting at Sopley Mill
Sopley Mill bar
Brides shoes - Sopley Mill Summer Wedding
Bridal bouquet Sopley Mill wedding
Bridal hair - Sopley Mill Summer Wedding

Neil and the guys arrived, so it was downstairs to take a few photos of them (how come guys are quite reticent having their photos taken?) and then get some detail shots of the venue and in particular the ceremony room. With Hannah dressed I sat in on the meeting with the Registrar, and Hannah’s infectious laugh was soon ringing out – lovely to see Registrars relaxing and smiling!

Groom arrives at Sopley Mill wedding
Ushers at Sopley Mill wedding
Sopley Mill wedding guests
Bride and Registrar at Sopley Mill wedding

The ceremony room looked stunning with the light streaming through the windows, with Neil anxiously awaiting the Bridal party’s arrival. The Bridesmaids were dressed in light green, and Hannah looked radiant as she walked down the aisle with her Father. The ceremony itself was relaxed and full of laughter and smiles, the nerves melting away as Hannah and Neil became husband and wife.

Groom and Best Man - Sopley Mill wedding
Bride and Father walk down the aisle at Sopley Mill
Bride and Groom Sopley Mill wedding
Sopley Mill wedding photographer
Wedding guests - Sopley Mill wedding
Down the aisle at Sopley Mill Summer wedding
Dorset wedding photographer - Sopley Mill
Smiles at Sopley Mill wedding

Whilst the drinks reception was underway I stole the families away from the main group and shot the formals down by the river, the sun streaming across the water meadows – a perfect English Summer’s day!

Bridesmaid - Sopley Mill wedding
Chalkboard Sopley Mill wedding
Laughter at Sopley Mill wedding
Family group Sopley Mill wedding
Family group Sopley Mill Summer wedding
Groom and Ushers Sopley Mill
Bridesmaids at Sopley Mill wedding
Smiling Bride and Groom at Sopley Mill wedding
Best Dorset wedding photographer - Sopley Mill
Wedding breakfast at Sopley Mill
Table decorations Sopley Mill Summer wedding
Sopley Mill wedding - plastic duck
Sopley Mill - Dorset wedding photographer
Wedding speeches at Sopley Mill
Groom's speech - Sopley Mill Summer wedding
Sopley Mill wedding speeches
Laughter during speeches at Sopley Mill wedding

After the meal we enjoyed an ice-cream from Carlo and his wife. Carlo’s family have been making ice-cream in Romsey for generations and Hannah was really hoping they’d be able to bring their van along for the wedding. Well, it was a huge hit! 🙂

Sopley Mill Bride in ice-cream van
Children and ice cream at Dorset wedding
Bride with ice cream at Dorset wedding
Carlo's ice cream at Sopley Mill wedding
Bridge at Sopley Mill wedding

I mentioned a duck-race? Yes, and it’s amazing to see how competitive people get over plastic ducks! Talking of competitive – the Spacehopper race certainly got everyone fired up!

Gardens at Sopley Mill
Sopley Mill duck race
Sopley Mill ducks
Sopley Mill duck race crowds
Sopley Mill wedding duck race
Ushers and ducks at Sopley Mill wedding
Bride and Groom in Spacehopper race at Sopley Mill Summer wedding
Sopley Mill Summer wedding - Spacehopper race