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A rare chance today to leave the business behind for a few hours, and spend some quality time away from the phone, the Internet and the computer – the car was due for its annual service, and so I found myself with a spare morning just to wander around Wimborne and Pamphill with the new toy, sorry, acquisition … the Canon S95. It’s so liberating, not carrying around a DSLR, and it gave me the chance to enjoy the scenery and take some snaps.

The Bluebells are now past their best, although some survive intact at Pamphill, but the woods have been trampled by people carving out paths to get their photos – why can’t they just take shots from the main paths, and not destroy the very thing they’ve gone there to see? Anyway, there were a few interesting fallen trees about ….

Fallen tree with ivy growing on the trunk


Then it was time to wander around the town and spend some time in the Minster – it’s funny, despite the fact that I’ve been into the Minster Church dozens of times over the years photographing weddings, this was the first time I’d actually been able to relax and look at the Church in detail. It’s a testimony to the craftsmen of years gone by, and quite humbling.



Perhaps I should take time out away from the business more often, and enjoy what we have! 🙂


Dorset wedding and portrait photographer

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