Should you use a wedding planner?


A wedding planner can advise on vendors, locations … all sorts of things. On the day itself, your adrenalin’s going to be pumping around your body at the speed of light and you want to make sure that the flowers arrive on time, the car’s on it’s way, your groom’s at the Church(!), the caterers are ready … etc…. need I go on? Well, a wedding planner can take all of that hassle away from you so that you can enjoy yourself. And if you’re happy and relaxed it makes my job as a photographer easier as well (never said I didn’t have a vested interest here!!).

This link will take you to an excellent article on the subject and gives you a better idea of how planners can help, and if you’re looking for a wedding planner in Dorset, Hampshire or anywhere in the South of England, I’d recommend that you get in touch with Melanie Kiani of Bellissimo Events – based in Bournemouth, Melanie offers a fantastic service to her clientele.

Good luck, and have a great wedding day!

Dorset wedding photographer

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