Mum’s laughter – I love this picture

The beauty of documentary wedding photography is the way in which, if done properly, it captures the emotions and events of the day.

This image is another from Tash and Will’s wedding last year at Northbrook Park in Surrey.

Before the wedding breakfast everyone was relaxing, having a drink and chatting.

Everyone except me, of course! There’s no time to relax and enjoy the day.

I’m always watching out for the little things, laughter, animated conversations. Little signs that alert me to the possibility of an interesting photo.

With this shot, Will’s Mum was chatting with a friend out in the garden. They’d already been joking so I watched the conversation develop. They were totally engrossed, oblivious to anything else that was going on. Suddenly, Mum burst into a fit of laughter and there it is.

A real moment from the day, captured forever.

Mum's laughter - I love this picture

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Docmentary wedding photography = emotions

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Blog post: Mum’s laughter – I love this picture


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