Larmer Tree wedding venue in Dorset

Larmer Tree Gardens – Cranborne Chase

In a couple of months’ time I have the pleasure of photographing Samantha and Simon’s wedding at the beautiful Larmer Tree Gardens. Set amongst the rolling landscape of Cranborne Chase in Dorset, it’s a delightful setting for a wedding. I’ve visited the gardens many times over the years, enjoying the delightful views and relaxed atmosphere.

Yesterday I dropped in again. This time with a mission. To look for suitable locations for the Bridal photographs. Now, as  I’ve been before I knew what the gardens have to offer a photographer. But there’s a difference when you actually have the responsibility of photographing a couple at a venue. Even one that you know very well. You can’t afford to be complacent. That’s why, for every wedding that I photograph in Dorset or Hampshire, I make sure that I reacquaint myself with the venue beforehand.

I couldn’t have chosen a better day for my visit! The early morning cloud had cleared and the sun was streaming out of the clear blue sky. The peacocks were strutting their stuff, the lawns were immaculately presented and the buds on the trees were giving us the hint that Summer’s not too far away.

If the Larmer Tree Gardens have a problem it’s that they give so many options for photographs! It could be easy to get distracted with the couple and take them away from the wedding for ages, but that wouldn’t be fair to their guests. So the challenge is to find the best spots and to try and be a bit different to other photographers. Find a different angle. Think of using the lighting differently.

Here a couple of  shots from yesterday’s visit. These, plus the others I shot will form the basis of a visual notebook for me to plan Samantha and Simon’s photography on their wedding day.

Larmer Tree wedding venue

Larmer Tree wedding venue - The Singing Theatre

The Singing Theatre, built in 1896

Larmer Tree Gardens peacock

He just had to show off!

The General's Room - Larmer Tree wedding venue

The General’s Room, built in 1899

Are you thinking of choosing Larmer Tree Gardens as the location for your Dorset wedding?

If you’re planning your wedding then please get in touch for a no-obligation chat about the wedding photography. As a recommended photographer at a number of leading Dorset wedding venues I have the experience to guide couples not only with the photography, but about other aspects of their wedding day.

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