Japanese couple marry on Tokyo train

What’s your ideal wedding venue? A romantic beach wedding, a fairytale castle, or perhaps getting hitched in Vegas with Elvis as a witness? Well, nowadays there seem to be few limits if you’re really determined. This article on the web caught my eye the other day – a story about a rail mad Japanese couple who got married on a Tokyo train!

As strange as it may seem to us in the UK, this isn’t the first time that couples have married on trains in Japan. It was however, the first time anyone had tied the knot on the Yamanote Line, a loop which carries 3 million passengers a day around Tokyo. I have to admit that getting married on the service from Bournemouth to Waterloo doesn’t have the same appeal. Nor does getting married on the Tube, although I guess the Circle Line would be the obvious choice! 🙂 Not quite sure whether the regular passengers would be very impressed though!

Obviously commuter trains are packed (and even more so in Tokyo), so this couple had their very own wedding train, courtesy of the East Japan Railway. Looking for a unique way of celebrating the line’s 50th anniversary, the rail operator decided to hold a competition to organise a wedding. In the same way that GMTV held a competition for the first beach wedding with Beach Weddings Bournemouth last year, the couples had to tell their story. It seems that, whilst dating, Nobuhiko and Sayaka would meet in car no 6 on their daily commute. So when they were chosen from the entrants their wedding ceremony was held in …. yep, car no 6! Decorated with photos of the couple and playing videos of a re-enactment of the marriage proposal, 150 guests enjoyed themselves as the train made its way around the loop.


At least everyone got a seat!


The special anniversary train

I think it’s a great story, and just shows what can be done with a little imagination. So, where would you really like to get married, if money was no object? Let me know ……

With thanks to Tim Hornyak and CNET for the story.

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