It's camera shake Captain, but not as we know it!

OK, apologies for the very poor take-off of Star Trek for any fans out there, but one of the biggest problems faced by photographers (be they professional or amateur) is camera shake – simply put, there are times when the shutter speeds are so low that the human body simply can’t hold the camera still, and the result is blurry photographs.

There are a couple of options available – to increase the ISO or adjust the exposure settings, to use a tripod to keep the camera rock-steady, or something that’s becoming increasingly available in all types of cameras is a Vibration Reduction system, where the camera (or lens) has a sophisticated mechanism which minimises movement and allows images to be taken at slower shutter speeds.

However, there might also be another option available at some time in the future (but we have no idea when!) – Adobe this week showed a sneak peek of an algorithm they’ve developed for Photoshop where the software takes a blurry image, analyses the type of movement that created the blur and then reverses it – wow! As I said, it’s only a sneak peek but it’s a fair bet that Adobe will release this at some point for Photoshop and then eventually for it’s smaller cousin Photoshop Elements.

As always, the best option is to try and get the image right the first time around, but there are always situations where that’s not going to be possible, so this really is an exciting development for photographers of all standards.

Check out this video clip and have a look for yourself – I think you’ll find it impressive!


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