Inspiring and humbling

Every now and then you come across a story that tugs at your heart, and oh boy, does this one?

Sat quietly at the PC today going through admin and paperwork when TweetDeck chirped up with a re-tweet from Julia Boggio about this amazing 14 year-old girl, Ellie, who’s having all her hair cut off in aid of Cancer Research UK.

Surrey photographer Kate Griffin’s publicising her story via her Blog (click here to view), and as if Ellie’s sacrifice isn’t enough to humble you, the fact that she’s also doing it to support her Mum who’s undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer should have you reaching for your credit cards and donating. In Ellie’s words “I had said even before we knew if she did have to have chemo that I would cut my hair for her if she had to lose hers, and this is me going through with my promise.”

Having lost a colleague to the disease and with two close friends who’ve survived, the battle against breast cancer’s close to my heart – so if you can support this worthy cause you’ll be helping to give hope to thousands of families every year. Kate’s Blog has some lovely photographs of Ellie together with links to Ellie’s JustGiving page and also to Cancer Research.

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