I can’t believe you said that!


As I’ve revamped my website this week, I found myself going through weddings I’ve shot over the past couple of years to refresh the images. It’s funny that I can remember most of them quite vividly, but going through the photos brings back even more memories of each day. This wedding is no exception -

Naomi and Nick got married at the stunning Italian Villa in Poole. Glorious sunny day. Family members jetting in from across the world, and a really great, relaxed and happy atmosphere.

As I went through the shots from the day, this one jumped out at me. Why? Because it’s just so natural. Nothing staged, nothing forced. Naomi’s Dad obviously made a cheeky comment as he was giving her away and the look on her face is just perfect, whilst Nick’s is priceless. I couldn’t remember what he’d said, but the couple’s reactions are brilliant.

I posted the shot onto Instagram this week, and Naomi picked up on it ..... seems that Dad said something like “good luck” or “she’s your problem now”! Naomi’s reaction is a real “can’t believe you said that” look, and Nick? Well, he’s just laughing!

To me, weddings are all about emotions, and my job is to capture as many as I can to bring back these priceless memories.

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