How to cope with a rainy wedding day

Everyone hopes that their wedding day will be dry and sunny - if you're lucky it might even be warm (unless you're having a Winter wedding of course!). One thing that seems to stress couples is the prospect that there might be some rain on their wedding day. I have to agree that rain's not my favourite type of weather for photographing weddings, but I have to work with whatever Mother Nature throws at us!

Today we're celebrating the third wedding anniversary of Sarah and Al. They planned their special day and chose a unique location - Bournemouth beach. Sadly no longer in operation, Beach Weddings Bournemouth was the only place in the UK where you could hold your legal wedding ceremony actually on the beach. Over a period of 5 or so years I photographed lots of weddings on the beach and there's one thing that I could guarantee, and that was that the weather would do whatever it wanted to! No amount of planning, Excel spreadsheets or money could ensure that the day would be dry (let alone sunny!). I photographed weddings in blazing sun and 30+ degrees and others in torrential rain and howling wind. Unfortunately for Sarah and Al, the latter was the hand that they were dealt.

Even though it was possibly some of the worst weather that I've ever had for photographing a wedding, Sarah and Al took the day in their stride. The heavens opened just as Sarah and her Father arrived at the beach and you can see from the photographs below that it was, well, horrendous! However, nothing deterred this lovely couple and although they got soaked, they never stopped smiling! It was a lovely day and the rain did ease off after the ceremony, so it wasn't a wash-out. Happy anniversary Sarah and Al - I hope that you're enjoying your anniversary and I look forward to catching up with you when you're down in the Bournemouth area again.

My advice to Brides worried about the weather? Try not to let is stress you out, talk to your venue and your wedding photographer about options for places to have photographs taken in the event that it's not ideal weather, and relax and enjoy your special day.

If you're getting married in Bournemouth or anywhere in Dorset, Hampshire or the area and you're looking for a wedding photographer, then please get in touch with me and we can have a chat.

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