Hi-tech weddings – would you want one?

An article on the BBC website today looks at some of the recent innovations in technology that might impact on couples planning their big day!


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It doesn’t look as though anyone’s gone a far as having a 3D dress printed, but it’s probably not far down the line! 3D hats were shown at a Barcelona fashion show last year, and Lady Gaga’s worn a 3D dress, so watch this space!

The traditional printed invitation’s now got some competition, not from emails, but from “augmented printing”. This technique allows users to hold their phone above a card and watch a video recorded by the couple. Pretty neat, but it means your guests would have to download the app in order to have the benefit, so I guess that’s a downside.


Before you get to the altar you can download an app that keeps tabs on your boyfriend (which doesn’t seem to me to be very romantic, so perhaps that’s not one for your “must-have apps” list) and once you’re married you can stop worrying about forgetting your anniversary. An Alaskan company’s developing a ring that will warm up 24 hours before your anniversary, allowing hubbies the chance to get that last-minute present!

So, what do you think? Will technology enhance the wedding process, or do these “innovations” take away some of the romance from that most special of occasions?


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