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Well, 2012’s arrived and along with it countless millions of New Year’s Resolutions being made (and most will, no doubt, be broken pretty quickly!) …. so I wondered –

What I could do with my photography business to kick-start 2012?

I heard about a Blogging Challenge from a good friend, Joanne, and in a moment of insanity thought “hey, that would be fun – a little intimidating with my track record of blogging, but surely it can’t be that difficult?” – so I signed up for it … 31 posts in January (at least I had the sense not to commit to a 365 challenge!).

Wedding Photographer Dorset

The trouble is, how can I write about weddings or portrait shoots every single day for a month? The answer, I can’t! But what I will be doing is posting images from weddings or shoots across Dorset and Hampshire last year, talking about them, perhaps discussing subjects about the wedding industry and expanding the scope to include, well ….. anything I can think about!

It won’t be easy, but I’m sure the discipline of a Challenge will help me to maintain a regular momentum throughout 2012 and give my photography Blog the love and attention it so richly deserves!

There are a number of others I know who’ve also been afflicted by this momentary madness, and they include:

Joanne Dewberry http://joannedewberry.co.uk/

Karen Williams http://www.thesecretsofsuccessfulcoaches.com/blog/

Carolyn Barber http://meetrelaxlearncreate.co.uk/blog/

Natalie Stephenson http://www.physio-logical.net/

Ally Pinney http://cambridge.mumsbusinessclub.com/

So why not pop across, have a look at what they’re posting and perhaps comment every now and then (You can comment on mine as well if you like …. PLEASE!) – it’s good to know that you’re not just typing away on the Internet and no-one’s reading it!

So, what are YOUR resolutions for New Year, and will you keep them?

Why not let me know, and start a conversation – after all, it’s good to talk!

Have a fabulous New Year, and remember that it’s not about getting promotion, having a wonderful holiday and winning the Lottery – it’s about making YOU a better and happier person!


Dorset wedding and portrait photography


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