Hampshire country wedding

Yet to be blogged, this delightful Hampshire country wedding was an absolute joy to be a part of! Teoni and Brad had been looking forward to their Hampshire wedding for so long – can you can imagine how they felt when they saw the rain pouring down? Have to admit, whilst I was shooting the Bridal prep, I had real concerns. Rain has to be one of the most disruptive elements to a wedding day. Wind’s a nuisance, but that’s all. Cloudy day? Well, photographer’s love them! Sunny days? Brides love them whilst photographers curse (well, not always!). But the rain? There’s nothing you can do to stop it, so you have to work around it. You can try umbrellas, but that gets messy when shooting groups. A gutsy couple will brave the elements and get wet, but you can’t ask them to do that. The only real option, especially if it’s hammering down, is to take cover. That’s exactly what the Bridesmaids did whilst waiting for Teoni to arrive.

Teoni and Brad had their legal ceremony a couple of days previously in a Registry Office, so this was technically a celebration, but to the couple it was their wedding day! Held in the grounds of a pub in the delightful Hampshire countryside the celebrations were centered around a number of marquees. As you can see, one of these proved very useful for the Bridesmaids. The adults were most definitely not to going to get wet if they didn’t have to! The children – the Flower Girls and the Page Boy – were less worried, as children often are. I love this shot simply because it’s so natural, nothing’s been posed or staged – that’s the way I like to work. I just love the smiles and the anticipation. You can feel the excitement as they wait for Teoni – it’s gorgeous.

Hampshire country wedding in the rain

Are you considering a Hampshire country wedding?

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Hampshire country wedding photographer

Blog post: Hampshire country wedding

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