Fashion shop using computer generated models!

I’ve spoken out on this before, about the fashion and beauty industry fixating on models whose figures are then retouched and tweaked in Photoshop – this then puts so much pressure on youngsters to conform and have the “perfect body”. As a wedding and portrait photographer it’s my job to make my clients look as good as possible, but this is done with posing and lighting, not computer enhancements – “Photoshopping” an image takes away the true character and appearance of the client.

Well, it seems that H&M have gone one step further – they’ve admitted to taking photos of clothes on mannequins and then transferring these to a computer generated body! ‘We take pictures of the clothes on a doll that stands in the shop, and then create the human appearance with a program on [a] computer … The message is clear: buy our clothes, not our models.’

This is absolutely ridiculous!

Photos courtesy of The Daily Mail

You can check out the Daily Mail article here

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