Explosion of colour at Merley House wedding

Confetti makes for an explosion of colour at Merley House wedding

With the wedding season now truly in full swing it’s still fun to look back through weddings from previous years for my “Image of the week”. Today, it’s from Ami and Chris’ lovely wedding towards the end of last year, so check out this explosion of colour at Merley House wedding!

I have to admit that I absolutely love taking confetti shots! Well, I love them AFTER I’ve taken them! Let me explain ….

The confetti shot is one of the staples of traditional wedding photography. In fact, in the days of film photography it was probably as close as we’d get to what we now call wedding-photojournalism. You see, when I started shooting weddings on film the photography was very formulaic – set poses, groups and staged shots – nothing spontaneous. The reason for that was the cameras we used – heavy, manual, medium-format beasts like the Hasselblad 500CM and the Pentax 67. These cameras had huge clunking mirrors that sounded like a cannon going off if you shot during the ceremony – in fact, you had to shoot during the hymns so the Verger or the Vicar wouldn’t get upset! So everything was quite staged. Therefore, the confetti shot was a bit of fun!

Roll forward to the digital age and things have changed significantly. Today wedding photography’s more about capturing the events and the emotion. Which brings us to the confetti shot. Now, lots of venues and Churches don’t allow confetti any longer, because someone has to clean it up, and when the wind blows ….. well, you know what happens! But it’s usually a great fun shot, but not without its challenges …..

It’s easy to set up the family and friends in a group around the couple, and you can tell them what to do – but do they? Not always! Depending on when I press the shutter someone’s arm might be across the Bride and Groom, or the confetti might cover their faces …. the possibilities are endless. In fact, I’m only happy when I do a quick review of the LCD on the back of the camera – that’s when I know how successful we’ve been!

But I do LOVE confetti shots ….. enjoy this one! 🙂


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