Exciting news from Beach Weddings Bournemouth

There’s some really exciting news from Beach Weddings Bournemouth this week! It’s all to do with the time that you can spend down on the beach with your wedding.

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When Melanie and her team from Beach Weddings Bournemouth were granted a licence to allow them to use the beach for weddings, it came with a restriction – the amount of time that couples can remain on the beach. This season it was 7pm, which means that couples who want an evening reception have to find another venue to use after that time. This obviously isn’t ideal, but those are the restrictions. Anyway, for the 2015 season Beach Weddings Bournemouth has been granted a full evening licence, allowing wedding parties to have an evening reception and remain on the beach until late. This is fantastic news and I’m delighted for Melanie. BUT, it’s only on a trial basis at the moment with very limited availability. So, if you’re thinking of booking your special day with Beach Weddings Bournemouth and like the idea of spending your evening on the beach get in touch with the team now – strictly first come, first served!

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Of course, if you’re looking for your Beach Weddings Bournemouth photographer then give me a call. I’m both delighted and proud to be a recommended photographer for not only Beach Weddings Bournemouth, but a number of the leading Dorset wedding venues and would be delighted to have a chat about what you want out of your wedding day, and how you want it recorded. Your wedding day’s unique, so shouldn’t the service that you receive be unique as well? Please use the contact form here on my website and I look forward to hearing from you.

It’s important as a Bride that you choose the right type of photographer for your wedding. If you’re confused about the various styles of wedding photography that are now available, check out my guide and hopefully you’ll find it useful. 🙂

Exciting news from Beach Weddings Bournemouth

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