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Updated: Jan 1, 2023

A couple of years ago we were away for a few days and visited Wells. For those who've not been there before, I can recommend it - a delightful city in Somerset (actually the smallest Cathedral city in England), with stunning architecture, a glorious Cathedral and just a really nice feel to it.

Walking along the main street we found this group of musicians busking away and I thought it had potential for an interesting shot. This couple walked by with their Goldie, the dog looked at the musicians and, just for a moment, its eyes seem to meet with those of the trumpet player .... wonder whether it had an opinion about their music (which was, actually, very good)? A simple shot, but, I have to admit, one of my favourites.

Shot on the Limited Edition of the original Fuji X100, which is now 10 years old. It's slow in comparison to my other cameras and "only" has 12mp. But if I'm not shooting fast moving subjects, it still delivers. In a way, it's similar to working with my Leica M4 film camera - it suits situations where you have the time to frame, focus and anticipate the shot, rather than relying on fast autofocus. The quality that the sensor delivers makes the images that it renders more film-like, and they're more than capable of being printed to a reasonable size. It just proves that you don't need the latest, flashiest gear in order to take photographs!

Documenting Britain: street

Wells, September 2019 FujiX100

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