Drooling over a new camera – Fuji X100

OK, I admit it – I’m a camera geek ….. well ….. sort of! As a photographer I have to keep abreast of new developments, cameras and software, and just once in a while I come across a camera that shouts, sorry, SCREAMS out “Buy Me!!!!”. Unfortunately, this could be one of those moments (but don’t tell the boss, because she won’t understand why I NEED yet another camera!).


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The Fuji’s a fixed lens camera that harks back to classic rangefinder designs of the 20th Century, evoking feelings amongst some photographers of the glory days of Leica – small, quiet, unobtrusive and perfect for capturing “the moment”. Although thought of as manufacturers of compact cameras, Fuji have produced some excellent lenses over the years for medium and large format film cameras, and for the stunning Hasselblad xPan a few years ago. Digital SLRs are great tools, don’t get me wrong, but there’s something personal about the rangefinder style of camera and this camera’s got SO much going for it from a photographer’s perspective –

  1. no hulking great lens poking out

  2. no “gerthunk” as the mirror flips out of the way

  3. much less intimidating for the subject

  4. “proper” dials on the top-plate so you can see what the camera settings are even before you switch it on

  5. “proper” viewfinder (unlike so many compact cameras on the market today where you have to hold the camera at arm’s length to check the LCD display)

  6. a 35mm equivalent f2 lens

  7. an APS-C CMOS sensor – what’s that I hear you say? Now, contrary to popular rumour, size DOES matter, especially when it comes to the sensor size, and the bottom line is that this camera should be able to deliver results that are equivalent to those from the current range of crop-DSLRs

There’s so much more, and only a handful of photographers have got their hands on pre-production models, but it’s probably one of most eagerly awaited offerings this year. If you want to check out this Fuji X100 promotional video you’ll get a feeling for what this cameras about – in the meantime, I need to start honing my powers of persuasion to justify this as another purchase!!

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