Dorset wedding photographer – Bride in a lift

As the Autumn mists start rolling in and we begin the tedious process of scraping the frost from the car windscreen before we can set off to work, it’s nice to look back at some of the lovely Summer weddings that I’ve had the privilege of photographing this year. As a Dorset wedding photographer I’m blessed with having so many lovely wedding venues in the area! From beach to forest, beautiful country houses and mills, we truly are very lucky to be living in such a lovely area of the country.

Here’s a shot from one of my beach weddings this year. Crystal and Craig booked me for their wedding nearly two years ahead of their wedding date after seeing my stand at the Beach Weddings Bournemouth Open Day. Since then they’d come along to each of the Spring and Autumn Open Days, so by the time that the wedding arrived we felt that we knew each other quite well. 🙂 That’s really useful, because knowing your wedding photographer and being comfortable in their company makes the wedding day less stressful, and you don’t have any worries about being photographed. This is one reason that I suggest couples should consider a pre-wedding shoot (or e-Shoot as it’s sometimes referred to) – it gives you the chance to get to know your photographer and lets me explain what “makes” a good photograph. Nothing complicated, just simple tips to make sure that you look your best on your special day! The more relaxed you are when the photographs are being taken, the better they’ll be …… trust me! 🙂

Anyway, I digress, so back to this photograph …….

Dorset wedding photographer - Bride in a lift

Crystal and the girls got ready at the Bournemouth Marriott Highcliffe Hotel so that’s where my working day started, shooting some of the Bridal preparations. To get onto the beach the party climbs aboard the cliff-lift, which, I have to admit, is a challenge for some! Why? Because it’s a few years old (well, Victorian to be precise) and it offers a great view of the beach and Poole Bay through the windows. The problem is that of you’re not comfortable with heights it can be a bit of a challenge! One of this Year’s “Mums” was so scared she kept her eyes closed during the entire trip, which only lasts a couple of minutes, but I can understand that not everyone’s comfortable being so “vulnerable”.

Crystal’s dress was stunning and I always try to get a shot of the Bride in the cliff-lift before we set off for the beach. Quite often Brides are nervous (with the anticipation of the ceremony) and find it difficult to relax – not Crystal. Because we know each other so well she was positively bubbling! I asked her to look back over her shoulder and she gave me this cheeky smile …… I love this shot because it’s so natural. There’s nothing forced and forced about it, just a happy, relaxed Bride on her very special day. To me, that’s what wedding photography should be – capturing those natural moments, unforced, that really reflect the true character of my subject.

You can check out the lovely thank-you email that I received from Crystal and Craig here on my Blog.

If you’re looking for a Dorset wedding photographer for your special day, please get in touch to talk about what you’re looking for on your wedding day. I’m delighted to be a recommended wedding photographer for a number of leading Dorset weddings venues.

Blog post: Dorset wedding photographer – Bride in a lift

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