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I saw an interesting article yesterday about emails, as it’s apparently “Clean Out Your Inbox Week” – 5 whole days dedicated to giving your Inbox a detox! I’d really like to know who comes up with these things!

Anyway, a survey by The Radicati Group worked that, on average, each employee spends about 25% of their day on email, and that by 2013 approximately 507 billion email messages will be sent every day! We spend hours getting rid of junk mail, spam, “forwards”, “cc’s” and conversations that, quite frankly, we don’t have time for!

Do you know someone that manages to achieve that almost Nirvana state of “Zero inbox”? Do you envy them, or hate them (just a little bit)?

IBM Research undertook a study last year that whilst “actively foldering” your mail (to keep your Inbox manageable) reduces the complexity of your Inbox, it’s difficult to determine whether the time spent filing emails if actually worth it! It seems that “frequent filers” (as they referred to them) tend to remember less about their emails than non-frequent filers (out of sight and out of mind I wonder?).

Personally, I have to admit that my Inbox is usually a little untidy, but I do have the occasional purge to get rid of stuff! 🙂

What sort of email user are you? Filer? Inbox user? Let me know!



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