Death by smartphone? Dorset wedding photographer

It’s OK, no-one’s actually died (well, not that I know of anyway!) ….. the title refers to the recent demise of Flip, that nifty little video camera which took the market by storm a few years ago. As great as it was, it got overtaken in the video stakes by smartphones which make it SO easy to shoot footage and upload it straight to the web.

The question is – will smartphones make compact cameras extinct?

The camera manufacturers are obviously getting worried about this, so we’ll soon start to see some nifty innovations in compact cameras and this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is expected to feature (amongst others) models that will beam images directly from the camera to a TV or a computer …. no more cables! 🙂

It’s always been said that the best camera in the world is the one that you have in your hand, and we know that most people carry phones, so the camera manufacturers are having to “up their game” in order to compete with smartphones. According to a US market research company, U.S. consumers used smartphones to snap 27% of their photos last year, up from 17% in 2010. The share of photographs taken with a compact camera fell to 44% from 52%.

Sony’s newer cameras are concentrating on taking 3-D images and even underwater shots, and all manufacturers will be concentrating on providing cameras with bigger (and higher quality) zooms, which is an area where smartphones are weak.

All in all, it’s going to be an interesting ride as technology develops, so who know where the next 10 years will lead us?

So to end – do you use your smartphone for photographs, or a camera …. and why?


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