Dancing in Venice with a Bournemouth wedding photographer

If you follow my Blog posts you’ll know that I recently went on a trip to Italy. Well, not “just” Italy – to be precise, Venice, which just happens to be my favourite city in the world. OK, I know I haven’t been everywhere, so I’m not qualified to say which one’s the best, just that it’s MY favourite! 🙂 Anyway, lets move on to “Dancing in Venice with a Bournemouth wedding photographer” ….

It was for a wedding Masterclass with Yervant, one of the world’s top 10 wedding photographers, and it was brilliant. Some people have asked why, as a professional wedding photographer with over 20 years experience, I need to go and learn something! The answer is, quite simply, that there’s always something to learn. The photographer who says they know it all is, quite frankly, delusional. There’s always something to learn, a new technique, a new way of looking at a shot. If I’m going to give my clients the best possible service it’s up to me to make sure that I’m constantly updating my skill sets. Not only did I learn from Yervant, but also from the other photographers on the course, from 15 different countries – we all do things slightly differently and can bring our own ideas to a shoot. It was also interesting from a business perspective as well – over dinner one evening I was talking with a couple of the guys about the number of guests at our weddings. John from the Midlands and I agreed that around 150 guests qualifies as a large wedding in the UK (unless we’re talking about Jewish or Hindu ceremonies). One of the guys was from Mexico and he said that a SMALL wedding for him was 300 guests! As you can imagine, John and I were somewhat taken aback, so the obvious question was “what’s a BIG wedding?”. The answer floored us …… 3000 guests! Wow!!

But I digress, so let’s get back on track …..

Part of the week involved a shoot with some Italian models, who were, quite simply, stunning! For this shoot we ventured far away from the tourist hot-spot of St. Marks Square and took some water-taxis out into the “real” Venice, the residential areas. We arrived at a rather sad looking building and I have to admit our hopes of shooting in some grand “palazzo” were dashed (along with the possibility of bumping into a certain Mr & Mrs Clooney, who happened to be in town at the same time). It turned out to be a former boarding school but it’s when we made our way to the first floor that our jaws dropped. We walked into a fabulous room with ornately decorated walls and ceiling, with HUGE gilded mirrors. It wasn’t pristine, showed signs of decay and looked tired – but that’s Venice, and part of its magic. As we took in this magnificent sight Yervant told us this is where he’d been boarded by his parents from the age of 11. He also let on that this room, where we’d shoot, was used in the Madonna video of “Like a Virgin” …. so check out the official video on YouTube and you’ll see that the interior shots were indeed filmed here!

Split into teams of 5 we were allotted just 20 minutes with each model, so it was a case of working quickly AND harmoniously with each other! Our team had 2 Brits, and Australian, and American and a South African, so language wasn’t an issue for us! 🙂 Here’s one of my favourites with Valentina and Samuele – just LOVE the location and Valentina’s outfit (which, coincidentally, was designed and made by Yervant’s wife, Anie).

Dancing in Venice with a Bournemouth wedding photographer - beautiful ballroom

© ianH photography Bournemouth wedding photographer

Over the course of the next few weeks I’ll post some more photographs of the “adventure”, so keep your eyes peeled ….. 🙂 You might also like to see a photo that I took in St Marks Square on the first morning in Venice, just as the sun rose across the Adriatic here.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for a Dorset wedding photographer please get in touch for a chat. Use the contact form, give me a few details and I’ll be in touch. I’m delighted to be a recommended wedding photographer at several of the leading Dorset wedding venues, and with many years experience of shooting weddings I can help you with advice and guidance to make your special day run even more smoothly.

Blog post: Dancing in Venice with a Bournemouth wedding photographer

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