Dad’s first look – why I love this image

After a gap of (quite) a few months, today there’s another in my occasional series. “Why I love this image”. Today, a shot from Lauren and Andy’s wedding – Dad’s first look.

Dad's first look

Documentary wedding photography is all about capturing events as they unfold.

Lauren and Andy married earlier this year at Parley Manor. I spent the morning with the girls, shooting the Bridal prep.

One of the most emotional moments of the prep can be that time when Dad sees his daughter in her dress, for the first time. Sometimes there’s a huge smile. Occasionally a nervous grin. And sometimes, just sometimes, you get a moment like this. A big smile, followed by a hug. And it’s the hug that really got to him. He’s close to tears. The moment of realisation that the time had come to let go.  His little girl’s all grown up. From now on another man will be taking care of her and protecting her. They’ll always be close, but this is a pivotal moment in their relationship. Yes, she’s grown up. She may in time have a family of her own. But to Dad, she’ll always be his little girl. No matter how old she is.

It’s moments like this that make my job so rewarding.


Ian Hamilton is a Dorset-based wedding photographer. His discreet, unobtrusive documentary style of photography captures the emotions of your wedding day.

Blog post: Dad’s first look – why I love this image

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