Canon 5DMkII lens review – Dorset wedding photographer

I know I’m a Nikon shooter, but that doesn’t mean I don’t read the photography press when it doesn’t relate to my chosen kit! 🙂

I came across this blog post at the weekend about Jason Bognacki, who had an old folding camera that was made in 1919 and wondered how good the photographs would be if he used it. Although you can still get 127-type film he decided to “hack” it and see whether he could mount it onto his DSLR, a Canon 5DMkII – as you can see from the photographs below he did it, but what’s most surprising is the quality of the images that the little folding camera produced!

At a time when people seem consumed with getting the latest “kit”, chasing megapixels as new models are released, it’s refreshing to see that old photographic equipment can still produce images that make you smile! As a wedding photographer I’m not sure it would really work out on assignment (understatement!), and it certainly won’t win any prizes for being the most elegant body/lens combo ….. but who cares?

Jason Bognacki - Canon 5DMkII lens hack - Dorset wedding photographer

You can see his full blog post with more images here


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