But why me? – I love this image

This is a photograph from Charlotte and Mark’s Lyndhurst Church wedding in the heart of the New Forest last Summer.

I really enjoy shooting the Bridal prep, and it’s not always the Bride who makes the best subject!

I couldn’t resist shooting this flower-girl’s great expression. You could make up any number of suggestions for what she’s saying. I also love the way that the other flower-girl in the background’s looking on. So many different ways to interpret a single image.

For me, this is what wedding photography’s about. As a documentary wedding photographer I think that events on the day should unfold naturally, with the minimum of direction from the photographer. There’s no way that I could have set up this photograph. The only way to capture it is by observation and anticipation – oh yes, and luck as well! Shot with available light from the window, there’s no way to set up lighting. It a case of reading the room and working out the best angles.

You can see more images from Charlotte and Mark’s New Forest wedding on the Blog.

Flowergirls Lyndhurst wedding

Hampshire wedding photography

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Blog post: But why me? – I love this image


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