Bournemouth wedding photographer – video of beach weddings 2012

by Ian Hamilton

Bournemouth wedding photographer – video of 2012 beach weddings

As a recommended wedding photographer for Beach Weddings Bournemouth I’ve had the pleasure of photographing many couples this year down on the sand – granted, the sun’s not always shone for us (but it has been a very “British” Summer after all), but regardless of the weather, everyone’s had a really great time with Melanie and her team. We started the year in front of the cameras for the ITV Daybreak beach wedding, “live” on breakfast TV – shooting the Bridal preparations at 5am at the Marriott Highcliff was slightly earlier than I’m used to (that’s an understatement!!) and working in conjunction with the camera/lighting crews and Floor Managers was a novelty, but the day went really well and was a great success. It was quite weird at times, because the wedding photographer is usually the person who directs events on the day – with this wedding the tables were turned, and I could only stand in certain positions or move when the cameras weren’t rolling …. but it was a great experience and I know that Kate and Frazer had a fabulous time.

Through the year I’ve been privileged to work with many lovely couples and had the honour of documenting their special days, capturing the moments that they, during the excitement and emotion of the wedding, haven’t seen – creating a lasting record that they’ll treasure for years to come. Not all of my wedding photography has been down at the beach, but it’s a unique venue and irrespective of the weather it’s a really fun place to be.

The beach wedding season ended with Kate and Tim’s sunny wedding in October and I was delighted to document their day as well, so you could say that I opened and closed the Beach Weddings Bournemouth first season! Thinking about it, we had a “Kate” opening and closing the season as well – I wonder what the odds would be of that happening in 2013? 🙂

It’s been a great season as a wedding photographer in Bournemouth covering the beach weddings and I’m already looking forward to next year and once again being a part of my couples’ very special days.

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