Bournemouth wedding photographer – Rowena and Nathan, St. Ambrose Church

by Ian Hamilton, Bournemouth wedding photographer

The Bournemouth wedding of Rowena and Nathan

Here’s one of my favourite images from last year’s Bournemouth weddings, with Rowena and Nathan kneeling at the altar in Church. Photographing weddings in churches can be quite challenging because many don’t have abundant natural light which means that the poor wedding photographer has to “make do” with what’s available (and you can’t shoot flash during the ceremony!) – however, on this occasion, weddings at St Ambrose Church in Westbourne have some fantastic light from the upper windows, and on this particular day I was lucky in that I had this fantastic shaft of light falling onto Rowena’s dress …. couldn’t have asked for anything more!

Bride and Groom kneel at the altar in a Bournemouth Church - Bournemouth wedding photographer

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Bournemouth and Dorset wedding and portrait photography by ianH photographyrecommended Beach Weddings Bournemouth photographer

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