Bournemouth wedding photographer – image of the week 3

Bournemouth wedding photographer – image of the week 3 … the latest in the series of some of my favourite photographs and the stories behind them.

OK, I have an admission, a guilty secret ………………. I love watching people!

I do it all the time – when we’re out shopping or enjoying a coffee … I just can’t help it. I like to watch the interactions between people and the way they behave – have to admit I sometimes get a nudge in my ribs from my other half as she says “you’re doing it again!” 🙂

But this isn’t some voyeuristic habit, it’s part of the way that I see the world, and it’s also part of the way in which I work as a wedding photographer. For me, one of the key skills of photographing people (in any type of photographic assignment) is the ability to quietly observe and anticipate. So many people nowadays think that they’re photographers because they’ve got a decent camera, but the camera doesn’t make the image, it just takes the image. It’s the photographer’s sensitivity, anticipation and experience that create the best images.

With my wedding photography I’m always looking at what people around the room are doing, the conversations they’re having and their reactions to each other. With experience you can gauge when people are going to react with a laugh or a smile, or even when they’re going to cry – that’s the difference between a good photographer and the rest.

Speeches at weddings are a great hunting ground for my voyeuristic “bug” (oops, but it’s a professional habit darling!) – watching the reactions of people around the room, listening to the speeches and anticipating reactions. Here’s a lovely shot from Paula and Dan’s wedding at Cafe Shore in Poole as I caught her reaction to part of her Father’s speech. At this point he’d not said anything too embarrassing, but as he set the scene she knew exactly what he was going to say and she buried her face in her hands …. love it!


Paula anticipating her Father’s embarrassing revelation of her past!

Cafe Shore wedding photography

If you’re considering getting married at Cafe Shore (or indeed any other venue in Bournemouth or the surrounding area) please get in touch to see if I’m available – it would be great to be a part of your special day.

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