Bournemouth wedding photographer – image of the week 28

Bournemouth wedding photographer – image of the week 28

The atrocious weather of the past few days has really impacted the whole of the UK, which is pretty unusual. It’s not often that all areas seem to get hit by a storm, and coming at Christmas it’s been really hard for thousands of families up and down the country. Storm-force winds, rain, flooding, power outages …… in a way it reminds us just how inconsequential humans are in the scheme of things! Anyway, in an attempt to bring a little bit of sunshine into your day, here’s a change of subject for this week’s submission – Bournemouth wedding photographer – image of the week 28.

I have to admit it’s been rather nice for the past week just stepping away from the business. Yes, I’ve posted the odd photo onto Facebook, but I”ve taken time out so that we can enjoy Christmas as a family. Mind you, that doesn’t mean that I’ve lost the urge to take photos – in fact, I was almost getting withdrawal symptoms! 🙂

You can imagine my delight when the sun broke through this morning, and gave us the opportunity to take a walk along the beach. Now, although we live only a few miles from the beach it’s not often that we visit. In fact, during the Summer the only time I’m down there is when I’m shooting weddings at Beach Weddings Bournemouth, and I’m not exactly relaxing then! 🙂

I’ve chosen this image because I think it really sums up the beach – the pier, palm trees, familes on the beach and surfers in the water (waiting for that elusive ride!).


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Technical info (the boring bit for some!) …..

As we were just going for a walk (and not a photo-shoot) I wanted to keep the kit light, so left the Nikons at home and took the Fuji X100. I’ve said before how much I love this little camera, and although it’s now been superseded by the “S” version it still delivers, especially following the software updates by Fuji. When I’m out walking I tend to leave it on AutoISO (with a max of 3200) with an aperture of f4 – it’s always ready then to shoot, whatever the light. This was pretty much a grab shot, as there were so many people walking along the promenade, but I stopped it down to f8 to get increased DOF. The camera selected ISO 800, with a shutter speed of 1/4000th. Now, it’s never going to win any awards as a photograph, but I love having a small, lightweight camera that I can take with me everywhere – one that delivers every time. There were so many photographers walking along the prom with their wives, DSLRs slung over their shoulders or around their necks …. all of the off-chance of getting a nice photograph. DSLRs are great, but they’re not family-friendly and I know from experience how they can get in the way of just enjoying the day!

So, to all you photographers out there … unless you’re intent on creating huge pieces of wall-art, leave the DSLR at home every now and then. Take a compact camera and just enjoying being a member of your family again! 🙂

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