Bournemouth wedding photographer – image of the week 26

Bournemouth wedding photographer – image of the week 26

A bit of a “Doctor Who” moment this week, as we step back in time (but not too far) for this week’s selection – from Rowena and Nathan’s Bournemouth wedding.

Rowena and Nathan were married in June last year, and their ceremony was held at the gorgeous St Ambrose Church in Westbourne. It’s one of those places that you pass a lot, but never seem to have the time to stop and take a look. It’s such a shame, as it’s delightful inside, with a wide, spacious nave and lots of natural light streaming in.

Shaft of light streams in to highlight the Bride and Groom holding hands in the Church during their wedding ceremony

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For a wedding photographer, it’s all about the light. True, today’s cameras are more advanced and have more sensitive chips, allowing us to shoot at lower light levels. But just because you can shoot in darker conditions doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily get a good shot. As I said, it’s all about the light – the quality, the quantity and the direction.

For this particular image I was extremely lucky (and yes,luck does play a part in wedding photography!). During their wedding ceremony Rowena and Nathan sat down whilst the readings were being done. The Priest was really friendly, and essentially gave me carte-blanche to shoot wherever I wanted to. Even the pulpit, but I politely declined the offer! One of my key strengths is the way that I try to remain as unobtrusive as possible. That means choosing my vantage points carefully, and moving quietly. Whilst the readings were under way I saw Nathan reach across and place his hand on Rowena’s leg. She took his hand and then placed her left hand over the top, creating a physical bond that matched the religious bond of the wedding itself. At that point, the clouds which had diffused the light suddenly parted and the Church was filled with light – a shaft illuminating the couple. SNAP. Got it!

Light, observation, anticipation – key elements to capturing images that couples will treasure for a lifetime! 🙂

Wedding photography in Bournemouth and Poole

Based in the Bournemouth area, I photograph weddings across Hampshire and Dorset – even further as well! If you’d like to learn more about my wedding photography then please get in touch for a chat about how I might be able to help you on your special day.

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