Bournemouth wedding photographer – image of the week 23. Bournemouth beach engagement.

by Ian Hamilton ….

Bournemouth wedding photographer – image of the week 23

As the clock ticks on relentlessly towards Christmas, and the days get colder, how about a breath of Summer to take away the Winter blues?

This week’s image is from a fun engagement shoot in the Summer that I did down on Bournemouth beach, with Anna and Daniel. They’re a lovely couple, and had asked me to photograph their wedding with Beach Weddings Bournemouth and had chosen to have an engagement shoot. Now normally we have the engagement shoot a couple of months before the wedding, but because Anna and Daniel live in London they simply hadn’t the time to come down to Bournemouth. So what happened in the end was that they arrived a couple of days before the wedding, and the engagement shoot was “on”! 🙂

Now, Bournemouth in the Summer is, well … busy! Not exactly the place where you can have the beach to yourselves – unless of course, you know where to go! We agreed that we’d do the shoot in the early evening, once the crowds had disappeared and when the Sun was lower in the sky. That way we’d have fewer distractions and the light would be much softer. We’d only met one beforehand, when they came to a wedding show at the Norfolk Royale Hotel – we got chatting and they asked me right away if I’d photograph their wedding! So we didn’t know each other, and this shoot was the perfect way to break the ice. Ice? On Bournemouth beach? 🙂

Anna’s absolutely beautiful, and Daniel’s a real character – up for anything! Before we knew it they were splashing around at the water’s edge, just enjoying themselves. That’s what these sessions are about – having fun, relaxing in front of the camera. This shot captures them as they jump off one of the groynes onto the beach, don’t you LOVE Daniel’s expression? Terrific fun!!


Why are engagement shoots important?

Wherever possible, I suggest that clients invest in an engagement shoot. It’s a way for you to get to know your wedding photographer, and how they work. You get a chance to “practice” being in front of the camera – something you’ll be doing a lot “for real” on your wedding day!

Weddings with Beach Weddings Bournemouth

I’m delighted to be a recommended photographer for Beach Weddings Bournemouth and can highly recommend it as a wedding venue. If you’re getting married in Bournemouth, or indeed anywhere in Dorset or Hampshire, please get in touch to see whether I can help you on your special day.

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