Bournemouth wedding photographer – image of the week 1

by Ian Hamilton

Bournemouth wedding photographer – image of the week.

When I’m editing weddings I find that there are certain images which leap out at me as being something extra special, capturing a special moment. Its an impossible task to showcase them all, but I thought I’d start a series of my favourites and call them “Image of the week“.

To kick off the series, here’s one from Stevie and Byron’s wedding in Bournemouth last year. When we arrived at the hotel I followed the couple down to the reception room as they took their first look at the table settings. Stevie’s Mum came over to her and gave her a kiss and I managed to grab one shot. I deliberately placed them in the right of the frame, so as to give some negative space …. but, on editing the images, I found it wasn’t quite so “negative” – I’d also caught the reflections in the mirror of them being watched! Typical of many hotels it was dark in the room, too dark to shoot properly, so I used a little bit of flash bounce off the wall behind me, and this just lifted the subjects from the background without the harshness of direct flash.

Capturing moments like this is part of reportage (or documentary) photography, telling the story of the day as it unfolds. A “true” reportage photographer doesn’t set up shots (such as the family groups), but I find that my clients like just a few formal poses mixed in, and that’s my style – natural and unobtrusive.

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Stevie’s Mum gives her a kiss, but not alone … check out the mirror!

Technical bits for the photographers

Nikon D300. 17-55 f2.8 lens, at 38mm. ISO 200. 1/160 sec at f5.6

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