Bournemouth wedding photographer – Fuji X100 review part 1

by Ian Hamilton

Part one of a review of the Fuji X100 as a tool for professional wedding photographers


You might have seen my initial impressions of the Fuji X100 for professional photographers a few weeks ago – well, since then I’ve had the pleasure of using it “in earnest” as part of my tool-kit for photographing weddings. As a Bournemouth wedding photographer I’m always on the lookout for new pieces of equipment and the Fuji X100 seemed to fit the bill!

As a recommended photographer for Beach Weddings Bournemouth I’ve had the pleasure of photographing a quite a few weddings down on Bournemouth beach this year, and the last beach wedding of the season took place on 27th October, when Kate and Tim enjoyed a day of glorious sunshine, followed by their evening reception at the Chine Hotel.

Although I’d only taken delivery of the X100 a few days prior to the wedding, I was determined to use it in conjunction with my Nikon full-frame kit, and see just how well it performed. The images in the post below have only had my “standard” Lightroom treatment, with a bit of noise reduction and a touch of sharpening (oh, and the odd vignette!) and I have to say that I’m really impressed with the way that the little Fuji handles itself.

As I said previously, the menu system’s not the most intuitive, but it’s reasonably easy to get to grips with! I decided to set the dedicated function button to handle ISO selection, and I think for most of the wedding I left it on Auto-ISO, with a maximum of 1600 and a minimum shutter speed of 1/125th  – not to minimise any camera shake (because the Fuji’s so light and compact it’s easy to hand hold at much lower shutter speeds than a DSLR) but to freeze movement, although 1/250th might have been better in some cases. I shot everything on RAW – why, because when I shoot weddings I want to get the highest possible quality of image and RAW files give you more leeway in those cases where you’re shooting in rapidly changing conditions and your exposure might not always be spot-on.

The quality of high ISO is remarkably good – granted, not as good as the full frame Nikon (and I wouldn’t expect it to be) but it’s not that far behind, and seems (to my eye at least) to be ahead of the Nikon D300 which potters along to my weddings as a backup.

One of the challenges with beach weddings is that the light’s often harsh and contrasty so I either resort to using fill-flash or expose for the subjects and blow out the highlights in the background. The Fuji has excellent DR and it copes very well with these conditions and it’s built-in flash seems to work wonders, especially as it’ll sync up to 1/1000th due to the leaf shutter in the lens.






More images and information to follow in part 2 🙂

Bournemouth wedding venue: Beach Weddings Bournemouth

Bournemouth wedding reception: The Chine Hotel

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